2015 Special Issue of Quantum Biosystem

in memoriam of Dietrich Lehmann

Editors: Alfredo Pereira Jr. , Wolfgang Baer and Massimo Pregnolato


Alfredo Pereira Jr. , Wolfgang Baer and Massimo Pregnolato (2015) Unity of Mind, Body and World. Quantum Biosystems. Vol.6, Issue 1. Pg. I-VII

01) Bernhard J. Mitterauer (2015) Tripartite Synapses and the Glial Network. Quantum Biosystems. 6(1) 1-9.

02) Alfredo Pereira Jr., Flávia Benevides Foz and Armando Freitas da Rocha (2015) Cortical Potentials and Quantum-Like Waves in the Generation of Conscious Episodes. Quantum Biosystems. 6(1) 10-21.

03) Wolfgang Baer (2015) Unity through an Event Oriented Worldview. Quantum Biosystems. 6(1) 22-32.

04) Rām Lakhan Pāndey Vimal, István Bókkon, Noémi Császár, József Pal Vas, Henrik Szőke (2015) Transgenerational Epigenetic Mechanisms, Unconscious Creativity, and Sensory Deprivation: Semi-Free Will in the Extended Dual-aspect Monism Framework. Quantum Biosystems. 6(1) 33-53.

05) Ron Cottam, Willy Ranson, Roger Vounckx (2015) The Hierarchical Underpinning Of Conscious Embodiment. Quantum Biosystems. 6(1) 54-62.

06) Leonardo Lana de Carvalho, Sophia Andrade Coelho (2015) Mind between Naturalism and Phenomenology: a critical review of the book "The Unity of Mind, Brain and World: Current Perspectives on a Science of Consciousness" organized by A. Pereira Jr. and D. Lehmann. Quantum Biosystems. 6(1) 63-72.


07) Chris Nunn (2015) Mind, consciousness and time: an integrated overview. Quantum Biosystems. 6(1) 73-81.

Winner of the Nascent Prize 2015



08) Dean Radin, Leena Michel, Alan Pierce, Arnaud Delorme (2015) Psychophysical interactions with a single-photon double-slit optical system. Quantum Biosystems. 6(1) 82-98.

Winner of the Nascent Prize 2015


09) Richard L. Amoroso (2015) Toward a Pragmatic Science of Mind. Quantum Biosystems. 6(1) 99-114.

10) James J. Hurtak, Desiree E. Hurtak, Elizabeth A. Rauscher (2015) Examining the Existence of the Multiverse. Quantum Biosystems. 6(1) 115-130.

11) James Lake (2015) The near-death experience: implications for a more complete theory of consciousness.Quantum Biosystems. 6(1) 131-138.

12) John Grandy (2015) The Role of DNA in Conscious Systems. Quantum Biosystems. 6(1) 139-147.

13) Romeu Cardoso Guimarães (2015) Emergence of information patterns in the quantum and biochemical realms. Quantum Biosystems. 6(1) 148-159.

14) Erkki J. Brändas (2015) Proposed Explanation of the Phi Phenomenon from a Basic Neural Viewpoint. Quantum Biosystems. 6(1) 160-171.

15) Seán Ó Nualláin (2015) Biosemiotics and the circle of explanation in the sciences. Quantum Biosystems. 6(1) 172-180.

16) Ruggero Rapparini (2015) The Mind of the Beholder. Quantum Biosystems. 6(1) 181-188.

17) Peter Moddel (2015) How Real is Reality? Quantum Biosystems. 6(1) 189-197.


Credits: apnetwork.it